So, You Remember The Coffin Stand?

This was a tale some 7 years ago.

The coffin stand has been buried (pardon that pun, there are more) deep in the stores ready for the perfect moment.

Well the perfect moment is here and plans are afoot for its glorious restoration.

Watch this space…. original tale below….

Aug 2014….

…I like wandering around grand old churches and cathedrals of Europe, but that is the extent of my ecclesiastical vigor.

However, in the last couple of months I seem to have acquired three items which are indeed of a reverenced nature.

The first was my purchase of a mid century, marble inlaid, solid oak, alter. A thunderingly large piece of enormous weight!

It did make me chuckle when 6 chaps had to carry it through the large French doors of the restaurant into the small 18th Century Coach House of the inn we inhabited at the time; totally bemused by its presence in an establishment associated with alcoholic beverages and revelry. (A bit like a Catholic Church then I guess!)

I progressed then onto a remarkably robust coffin carrier; this solid oak, ergonomically proportioned lifting gurney is just magical if a little eerie. I have a few 2 inch thick, long oak planks which I’ll buff to perfection and create a talking-point-statement-piece table from it.

My most recent acquisition is a modern, again solid oak, coffin stand. The genious in the design of this flat pack, carry-it-with-you, coffin stand is remarkable as well as beautiful.

coffin stand 1

I plan to bring it to life (if you will pardon the pun) and use it as a trestle table for my demonstrations and shows.

You see, good wood ergo good furniture, can come in all shapes and sizes, designs and uses.

True recycling comes with turning these pieces into furniture that homes will cherish (and be sinfully smug about as the neighbours eye the piece with jealousy and covet what thou has).

Bye for now.