What We Do At “Turned Leg”

Turned Leg…

It’s about antique and vintage furniture that has been chosen because of its original quality; the type of quality that doesn’t go away just because it is old now, unloved and not wanted in modern homes.

So I revive them. I bring the wood back to life, reupholster the seating and mend the broken bits and give it a new life for a modern home.

I mainly work with solid oak, teak, mahogany & pitch pine woods, but other superb examples are genuine Scandinavian bentwoods or walnut.

The pieces are all about uniqueness… a deer skin covered piano stool…  a suede milking stool which is now a foot-buddy… a duet tub chair or a full hide covered old church pew…

The furniture restoration started out of necessity for repairing the old furniture, often antique, at a country pub and restaurant we had for a decade… and it grew from there, as our dining & hotel guests would want to buy some pieces I’d restored.

I now travel the length and breadth of the country for beautiful furniture to revive…

Come on in…… the furniture’s lovely.



0777 333 6923



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