So, You Remember The Coffin Stand?

This was a tale some 7 years ago.

The coffin stand has been buried (pardon that pun, there are more) deep in the stores ready for the perfect moment.

Well the perfect moment is here and plans are afoot for its glorious restoration.

Watch this space…. original tale below….

Aug 2014….

…I like wandering around grand old churches and cathedrals of Europe, but that is the extent of my ecclesiastical vigor.

However, in the last couple of months I seem to have acquired three items which are indeed of a reverenced nature.

The first was my purchase of a mid century, marble inlaid, solid oak, alter. A thunderingly large piece of enormous weight!

It did make me chuckle when 6 chaps had to carry it through the large French doors of the restaurant into the small 18th Century Coach House of the inn we inhabited at the time; totally bemused by its presence in an establishment associated with alcoholic beverages and revelry. (A bit like a Catholic Church then I guess!)

I progressed then onto a remarkably robust coffin carrier; this solid oak, ergonomically proportioned lifting gurney is just magical if a little eerie. I have a few 2 inch thick, long oak planks which I’ll buff to perfection and create a talking-point-statement-piece table from it.

My most recent acquisition is a modern, again solid oak, coffin stand. The genious in the design of this flat pack, carry-it-with-you, coffin stand is remarkable as well as beautiful.

coffin stand 1

I plan to bring it to life (if you will pardon the pun) and use it as a trestle table for my demonstrations and shows.

You see, good wood ergo good furniture, can come in all shapes and sizes, designs and uses.

True recycling comes with turning these pieces into furniture that homes will cherish (and be sinfully smug about as the neighbours eye the piece with jealousy and covet what thou has).

Bye for now.



A Little Bit Of Detail…..

I don’t have one of those sites yet where you can browse and shop…. I will have though…. eventually….


So in the meantime I’m going to randomly post updates on some of my favourite pieces and give you a bit of insight into the piece…. a rough idea of how much it costs and where it is..


Let me know what you think….


these solid wood skittles have been lovingly hand finished and polished in a wood wax, unfortunately the glare of a camera flash doesn’t show the excellent patina that has been created on them.

They aren’t really for use a skittles anymore but more of a decorative feature item.

They’re heavy and cost around £350 for the set




One of my favourite chairs of the current stock

Deep patina of the solid oak x-frame chair which I’ve covered in a black hide and studded. I created it as a “mans chair” but the missus has got her eye on it for her study…. funny how you get things wrong…. or right…..

I’ve got this up for sale for £190…. it’s a solid hardwood chair of character and style and comfort. (UPDATE; THIS PIECE HAS NOW SOLD)


DSCF3233    DSCF3231

This is a genuine theatre basket…. not sure which theatre though although it did have a “Leeds” label inside when I bought it.

It has the solid metal fastenings, the ships-rope handles and thick wicker stitching are all completely untouched, authentic and in perfect usable condition. The removable tray under the heavy lid shows the calico lining which I’ve zhuzhed a bit (of course).

It’s huge too, you could quite easily get a 6 foot bloke in there if you really wanted to! I’m flogging this for £200…. and it is a genuine bargain at that! (UPDATE; THIS PIECE HAS NOW SOLD)


OK…. that’s that for now….. I’ll get a few more up soon….. I promise!


What is all this about…..

All I really wanted was a new shed.

All real men have sheds and I didn’t have one.

But I did have an 18th century coaching inn at the time and a large, original coach-house there and so I transformed it into my workshop.

I had to always make sure the upkeep of the antique furniture at the inn was done to the standard I would expect in my own home…..not the style and efforts of a corporate “shop-fitter” attempt.

Seemingly so, it wasn’t long before customers were asking to buy this and buy that from the inn.

So I hunted-out exceptional pieces, mostly antiques in solid hard woods that needed renovation and transformed them into lovely pieces of functional furniture for the inn.

Then the practicalities of this obsession became a little too “all-consuming” and I was suddenly finding myself looking for pieces out of pure interest and their beauty and potential rather than for that business…….. this is where my new venture begins. We sold the inn in late 2014 after a very trying year and concentrated on the furniture!

Now I hunt out gorgeous antiques and vintage pieces and bring the superb wood up to a fine finish, re-upholster the piece and make it more contemporary with gorgeous fabrics and leathers.

Go and check out the pieces now….. you’ll find them a few examples in the menu at the top of the page under the title FURNITURE!

I hope you enjoy them.